Customise your day out to the Mudflats as a group outing or works day out.

Visiting the Islands, mudflat walking and boating. Company trips and groups are our specialty.

Are you looking for a unique and completely different group outing or corporate event? We can help!

Why not a day out on the mudflats? Sailing over the tidal flats, mooring and stepping off onto the mudflats. Go mud flat walking or sailing for a while before walking to one of the Wadden islands. Eat, drink, cycle, as well as watching seals. With us, everything is possible!

We have 3 ships. Our own ship, Boschwad, former lifeboat, The Gebroeders Luden and the former barge, De Noordster. If desired, we will reserve you an authentic fishing vessel ZK4 or a shrimp dinghy, ZK 31.

Thus, we will bring you and your group to anywhere you would like in the eastern mudflat area.

Some examples of a successful group outings:

Company or group outing 1:

Sailing and/or walking to Schiermonikoog:

The meeting point is the hired ship, which will already be stood waiting for you in Lauwersoog. You will be welcomed with tea, coffee and cake. The ropes are untied and your ship begins its journey to Waddenisland , Schiermonikoog. However, we can imagine that not everyone in your group will want to do the same thing, or is physically able to.

Therefore we can make your group trip tailored more specifically. Our proposal:

For the more adventurous amongst you, we will sail to the Brakzand bank. These adventurers will disembark the ship and will walk, together with the guide, over the mudflats towards Schiermonikoog. For further information see Schiermonnikoog/Brakzand

The rest of the group will be able to stay onboard and sail to the West coast of Schiermonikoog. The group will then be able to disembark here and walk, together with another guide, to the village on Schiermonikoog following an easier route. There they will meet the group of walkers who will have also arrived in the village.

On the island there are many different activities to choose from:

  • Enjoy lunch or dinner together at one of the many bars or restaurants on the island.
  • Hire a bike the remainder of the day and explore the island
  • Take a ride on a tractor or cart, Balgexpres, on the North Sea beach, at the easternmost point of Schiermonikoog, to watch the seals.

  • Voyage across the Wadden Sea to see the seals close up, with a dinner or lunch onboard.

Instead of beginning the mudflat tour from the Brakzand , It is also possible to do the walk from the West coast and reach the village in this way. Naturally, we will happily bring you back to Lauwersoog at the end of your day.

Company or Group Outing 2:

Seal Safari. Sail and walk to the Engelsmanplaat: This outing consists of a boat trip on the Wadden Sea from Lauwersoog. During this trip you will receive coffee/tea and pastries twice. Alongside watching seals, you will be able to go on a tour, with a guide over the Engelsmanplaat, with a visit to the bird watcher and his notorious and characterisitic birdwatcher’s house. After this we will serve a coffee table along with soup and croquette onboard. We will then visit Schiermonikoog for around about 2 hours, with a bus ride to the village. On the way the guide will inform you on the history of the island and village. At the end of the day we will return back to Lauwersoog and underway you will be able to try a local herbal spirit.

Company or Group Outing 3:

Venture onto the Waddensea on the former Lifeboat, The Gebroeders Luden..

Experience the thrill of the waves, the ship and the sea and then disembark onto Schiermonikoog Cycling to the village for a local meal and then play beach golf on the widest beach in Europe. After this you will return, by bike, to the causeway and then take the ferry back to Lauwersoog.

These are just a few examples of our unique and contemporary days out on the mudflats with your group or company. Would you prefer something different? Just a gentle trip? We will gladly customise an entirely unique and fun day just for you. Contact us via our contact page or contactpagina of info@wadlopen.com for more information. Considering the price, we will work it out together.

For further information on our ships visit: www.waddencruises.nl

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