Mudflat crossing to SCHIERMONIKOOG.

Sailing and/or mudflat walking to Schiermonikoog.

Sailung, beaching and mudflat walking over the sandbanks to the Waddeneiland Schiermonikoog. With the Wadloopcentrum Pieterburen there are regular combined walking trips, combining Sailing and Mudflat walking together to make the walk slightly easier. Previously mudflat walking was for the adventurers but now many people want to enjoy a short easy mudflat walking experience in between a boat trip. But this doesn’t mean we don’t have trips for the adventurers out there- this is our Schiermonikoog XXXL mudflat walk.

The mudflat walks, crossings and boat trips to Schiermonikoog::

  • Westbeach Schiermonnikoog
  • Brakzand- Schiermonnikoog
  • Schiermonnikoog XXXL


    Sailing to the Brakszand and mudflat walking from there to Schiermonikoog.


    Start: The meeting point of this crossing will be one of our boats, either de Boschwad or de Noordster, which lie in the fishing habour of Lauwersoog. To learn about the correct preparation and advised clothing visit the Mudflat walking information page.

    Trip Summary::

    brakzand 01

    After you have signed in and registered, the boat will depart towards the sandbank called the Brakzand. There will also often be people on the boat who are completing different mudflat crossings. If you are walking from the Brakzand to Schiermonikoog, you will be the first group to depart from the boat and start your walk. Because of this we request that you try and find a seat at the front of the boat, making it quicker and easier for the group to leave the boat all together.

    After a half an hour boat trip the boat will reach the Brakzand. Via a ladder on the bow of the ship, you will have to climb off the boat into the shallow water. Stepping off here should go smoothly for everyone. If the boat stays here for too long the water level will drop and the boat will get stuck so we cannot spend too long trying to depart.

    After this we all assemble of the sandbanks and the guides from The Wadloopcentrum Pieterburen will run you through the course of the trip. The group will first head eastwards over the solid mudflats of the Brakzand. After a while we will come across and mussel bed and behind here is the Brakzandstergat, which is a gully you can wade through. After this, we will begin walking in a northerly direction.

    brakzand 02

    brakzand 03

    On this mudflat crossing you may come across an old shipwreck. This would be an ideal place to have a rest. Not long after this we will come past de Sprutel. De Sprutel is a gully where in you can go swimming. If there have been no delays throughout the trip your group will be able to have a swim here. Because it will have been in the sun for a while it will have been warmed up and is therefore a lovely place to go swimming.

    brakzand 04

    After you have been swimming, we will walk in a westerly direction alongside the edge of de Sprutel. You will continue walking through the silt but before you arrive on Schiermonikoog you will wash it off our boots and legs before we complete the final part of the walk and arrive on Schiermonikoog via a causeway. When we arrive on Schiermonikoog it is not long until there will be an opportunity to rinse your self and get changed into clean clothes. While you get changed and wash the bus will come to take you for a ride through the town. You can then have a couple of hours to yourself to look around the town, to look through the shops, find a restaurant to eat or drink or have a walk through the dunes. At the agreed time and place the bus will come to take the group back to the boat. From here it will take about an hour to return to Lauwersoog.

     ameland 08

    Length: Walking: 3 hours. Total length of trip (walk+ sail+ bus rides + island visit + boat trip back): 8 hours.

    The total cost of this trip is €35.00 per person including bus rides and ferry trip Brakzand Schier boeken

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    Arrangement Brakzand

    The Mudflat Walk of all Mudflat Walks: Schiermonnikoog XXXL !Schiermonnikoog xxxl

    Start: The meeting point of this mudflat tour is the main office of The Wadloopcentrum Pieterburen on the harbor 20 9976 VN, Lauwersoog. Park in the P3 or P4 car park. To learn about the correct preparation and advised clothing visit the Mudflat Walkin information page

    Trip Summary::

    schiermonnikoog 01

    After you have signed in and registered in our office in Lauwersoog, the bus will come to pick you, and all the other participants up to take you to the starting point of this extra long but also beautiful mudflat tour. We are starting at the Negen Boerenpolder, north of Kloosterburen. In Bokum we will get out of the bus and walk a couple of kilometers through the farmlands to the dunes. schiermonnikoog 02

    Here is where we will start our trip and here is where the guides will talk you through the course of the mudflat trip. After this you will depart! At the bottom of the dunes lie the salt marshes. This becomes the reclaimed land and it has many characteristic wooden posts. These used to be used to reduce the currents in the water.

    After a while of pushing through the thick silt, we will get to the Vierhuistergat, a very treacherous gully because of its uneven bottom. The guides will lead and once they have found a suitable place to cross, the rest of the group will follow.

    schiermonnikoog 03

    On the opposite side of this gully, the ground will start to become easier to walk on. We will be walking in a westerly direction. Not long after we have passed the Vierhuistergat we will come across another gully, called the Lutjewad, which we will need to go through. Here we will again need to find the spot where we can walk through, where it is not too deep. On the other side of this gully, there will be time for us to stop and take a quick break. Then we will carry on walking and eventually reach the island of Schiermonikoog. On the way, we will pass mussel banks and gullies. From the gully, the Lutjewad the walking will be relatively easy. From this gully to the island of Schiermonikoog we will also pass the gullies: the Eilander Bald, the Schilknopen, the Brakzandstergat and lastly, the Sprutel. If we are ahead of schedule when we reach the Sprutel, we may be able to swim here. schiermonnikoog 04

    After this, the mudflat tour will run alongside the Sprutel in the direction of the causeway. Because this tour starts early, there is still time to get the bus into the town center to look around. At the end of the day we will meet at the arranged place and time and the bus will take us back to the boat. An hour later we will be back in Lauwersoog.

    Length: Walking: about 5 hours.
    Total Length: bus trip, walking, boat trip and island trip: 8-9 hours.

    Price: € 35,00 per person

    Schiermonnikoog xxxl boeken

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