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Experience a unique experience:

Mudflat walking at night!!

Discover the beauty and silence of the mudflat at night.

With this tour you will be able to experience the most beautiful sunrise you will ever see!

A few times a year, the Wadloopcentrum Pieterburen organize a unique mudflat walking experience: Sailing and walking by night!

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Tour summary:

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Sign in on the agreed boat In the Lauwersoog harbor.

You can park in car parks P3 and P4.

We will sail to the mudflat called Brakzand and wait there for the water levels to fall. We will then leave the boat and start the unforgettable adventure!

Around you, you will be able to see many lights and it will be harder to distinguish where the mainland is and where Schiermonikoog is. In the distance you will be able to see a lighthouse. After counting the flashes we will be able to tell that that is not the direction of Schiermonikoog, but Borkum. After looking for a while you will be able to see the lighthouse on Schiermonikoog, being able to tell this by the number of times in a row it flashes. Four flashes for each syllable in the island’s name: Schier-Mon-Nik-Oog. We cannot, however, walk in a straight line towards Schiermonikoog as this would cause many problems. Instead we find a route to get us there safely.

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There are many deep gullies that lie on our path and for that reason we start our walk by heading east to find the slack water of Schiermonikoog. Here, the gullies are shallower ad easier to pass through. After about an hour of walking over the even mudflat, we will reach the first gully: the Brakzandstergat. Not long after that we reach the second one: the Sprutel. It may be possible that before we come across either of these we find an old shipwreck where we can enjoy the sunrise. After we have walked through the Sprutel we will walk along the causeway of Schiermonikoog. Here our boat will lie waiting for us ready to take us back to Lauwersoog. After rinsing off we can climb aboard and breakfast and fresh coffee will be ready for you and we will begin our sail back to the mainland.

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Length: Walking: 3 hours, Total- walking + sailing: about 8 hours


€ 45,00

per person, Includes: Mudflat tour, boat trip and breakfast

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