A mudflat crossing to the protected and uninhabited Waddenisland, Rottumeroog.


Mudflat walking through the untouched nature reserve Rottumeroog: a unique mudflat walk you do not want to miss!!

Start: Meeting point of this tour to Rottumeroog is the Wadloopcentrum Pieterburen office in the harbor20 9976 VN, in Lauwersoog. Park in the car park P3 or P4. For the correct clothing and the suitable preparation see: Mudflat walking information: Information

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Tour Summary:

After you have registered and signed in in the office in Lauwersoog Rottumeroog 01Lauwersoog, the bus will come to take you and the other participants to the starting point of this walk. This tour starts in Emmapolder, north of Uithuizen. Here the guides will introduce themselves and describe the course of the walk to you. Shortly after this, we will depart towards the dunes. At the bottom of the dunes there is a small salt marsh.

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To reach the Uithuizer mudflat we will have to walk through this salt marsh. After a short time we will reach a gully, which we will have to pass through. We will be submerged up to our torsos. After we have reached the opposite side of the gully you will realize that the ground becomes noticeably easier to walk on. We will then start to walk in a northerly direction. We will then reach the Zuidoost Lauwers, a fairway that will be relatively easy to cross. After we have waded through we will take a short break and then proceed to ‘the stones’. This area of the mudflat is always changing: sometimes the stones will be completely covered by the sand and at other times the stones lie on the top of the sand. If by this point we are ahead of schedule we may be able to walk in an easterly direction towards a system of gullies called the Sparregaten.

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Because of the shell banks on the banks of the gully, it will shine a beautiful light colour in the sun. After we have passed this gully, we will come across a few smaller ones and will start to head slightly westerly after we have passed these. ! Rottumeroog 03 At this point, to the right of us you will be able to see the Zuiderduintjes, a small island consisting of dunes, that lies slightly to the south of Rottumeroog.

Unfortunately we are not allowed to set foot on this island and instead we will walk past it. In the distance we will be able to see our boat that lies on the mudflat of Rottumeroog. From here the walk to the boat will take roughly another 45 minutes.

Here we will climb aboard the boat and almost immediately after, the water will start to flow over the mudflat and after about 30 minutes the whole mudflat will be completely submerged. Because of this the ship will be freed and we will be able to sail towards Rottumeroog. After a short while of sailing we will come across a sand bank, where hundreds of seals will be lying. Rottumeroog is a protected nature reserve and that’s why we will have to stay on board. Rottumeroog 05 From the boat you will still have a magnificent view over the Rottumerplaat and the seals lying here. After this we will turn the boat around, sail over the Lutjewad and back towards Lauwersoog.

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Length walking: 3 hours

Total length- Bus journey, walking and boat trip : 8-9 hours.

Price: € 35,00 per person

Explanation of symbols:

wadlopen zwaarte

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