Less Challenging Walks- Perfect for Children.

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The walks of this level that we offer:

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A less challenging mudflat walk is perfect for beginners and children. With these easier walks there is always a ‘landskant’, meaning it is not a crossing to or from a waddenisland and is rather a walk on the mudflat that runs alongside the coast.

wadloop zwerftocht 01

However, don’t be mistaken. With these walks you will have to walk through lots of silt and you will even come across a few gullies, the only difference being that they will not be as deep as the ones you would find on a crossing. These tours begin on the dunes and end on the same dunes so you do not have to take dry clothes with you and could leave them in the car because we end up in the same place.

wadloopzwerftocht 02 These walks start off in a salt marsh. This is a bit of pristine nature that has been formed by the Waddenzee. Many different plants grow here and it is home to many different animals, including birds. On the walk the guides will be able to tell you more about this. After this you will come across wooden poles woven together with twigs and branches. During the trip, the guide will be able to tell you more about these, regarding their purpose and their past.

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Outside of these poles, you will be stood on the mudflats. Walking over the, at this point, hard mudflat bottom, you will eventually reach a collection of gullies which we will have to cross.

After reaching the other side, we will walk towards the fairway. This is at a point so deep that we wont be able to get through it and therefore we walk past it to find another route. We will also try and find what else the mudflats and sea has to offer, mussel banks, cockles and Japanese oysters etc. After this we will make our way back to the coast.

There are 3 different mudflat walks that you can choose from:

Noordpolderzijl lichte wadlooptocht 02

Starting point: Meet in the car park of the Café Het Zielhoes. For the correct clothing and necessary preparation visit Mudflat walking information

Tour Summary:

wadloopzwerftocht 04 Together we will depart towards the dunes. From the dunes you will get a beautiful view over the Waddenislands Borkum, Rottumeroog, Rottumerplaat and Schiermonikoog. We will walk through a harbor and via a salt marsh we wil come to the mudflats with the wooden poles called ‘landaanwinningswerken’. From here we will head in a westerly direction and we will walk through a few gullies to the fairway: The Zuidoost Lauwers. We will then follow this gully to the east until we reach a wider gully, which we will need to cross. From the opposite side we will start heading to the east towards ‘De Kop van het Riet’.

wadloopzwerftocht 05 Het Riet is a fairway that runs towards the harbor in Noordpolderzijl. Here, Het Riet joins up to the Zuidoost Lauwers. We follow Het Riet in a southerly direction. After this we reach an obstacle: De Sliksloten. Whoever is up for the challenge of going through it will have a great experience and for those that don’t want to go through this can go with the guides through a salt marsh around it. You certainly wont stay clean and dry if you go through it but many of the people who have completed this challenge find it worth the cold and the effort.

After this adventurous mudflat walk, we will be able to clean and rinse ourselves in either the ‘pond’ or in the sinks. .

Length: ± 3 hours.

Price: € 11,00 per person zwerftocht Noordpolderzijl

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Mudflat walking from Schiermonikoog wadlopen met kinderen


The starting point of this walk is ‘de Bank van Banck’ on the dunes next to the harbor.

For the correct clothing and necessary preparation see Mudflat walking : Information

Trip summary:

wadloopzwerftocht 06 Together we will walk from the dunes through the marsh of the West Beach. On the dunes you will have a great view over the marshes and the Waddenzee. The first bit of the walk will be over a ‘sand street’ to the edge of the marsh. From the marsh we will step onto the mudflats. At this point the ground will be relatively hard and we will walk over it towards the fairway of the harbor. We will carry on in this southerly direction for a short while. After this we will start to walk slightly to the west and we will come across a gully that we will have to cross. This is the oldest causeway of the harbor. Because of the variety in depth, many boats don’t sail through it anymore. We will wade through here and slightly later we will come across a mussel bank. The guides will be able to tell you about the diversity in the shellfish found here, including mussels, Japanese oysters and cockles.
We will then walk towards the ‘white lighthouse’ of Schiermonikoog. This lighthouse is no longer a functioning lighthouse. The guides will be able to tell you why not when you are on your walk. Eventually we will come across some knee-deep gullies, which we will wade through to get back to the marsh. We will come across a pool of water where you will be able to rinse yourself and then we will make our way back to where our walk started.

Length: ± 2 hours

Price: € 11,00 per person Mudflatwalking Schiermonnikoog

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Mudflat walking on the mudflat of Pieterburen ( incl. coffee/tea/cake/movie)Mudflat walking on the mudflat of Pieterburen

Starting point:

The meeting point of this walk is the shop , Hoofdstraat 84 in Pieterburen.

After signing in you can have your coffee or tea with cake. If you want you can watch a movie about mudflat walking.

You can then drive on your own or wait for the guides and follow them to the starting point at the Waddensea dike.

For the correct clothing and necessary preparation see Mudflat walking: Information

Trip Summary:

Together we will walk to the dike where we will have a great view over the marsh and the Waddensea. From here we can see islands as Rottumerplaat, Simonszand and maybe even Schiermonnikoog.

Via the marsh and the “landaanwinning”(less flora and more mud) we will come to the mudflat. From here we will walk over sandy banks to find the Robbengat, a deep gully. We will cross two gullies and then carry on towards the Zuid Oost Lauwers, a deep causeway between the Pieterburen mudflats and Rottumerplaat. Over the Pieterburen mudflat the walk will head in a westerly direction and we will head towards the Molengat, another gully. When you cross this gully the water will possibly reach your middle. Then we will make our way to the Bokumprielen. This is an area that you must see at some point in your life. It is a beautiful place with many different small gullies and flowing water and that very few people visit. After this we will we will walk towards the dike. You have to pass the real mud before you reach the dike. WE will follow the dike for some time to return to where we initially started.

Wadzwerftocht Pieterburenwad

Length: 3 hours.

Price: € 16,75 per person (including coffee/tea, cake and movie) 

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Aanbieding wadlopen pieterburenwad