Mudflat walking to Ameland with the Wadlopcentrum Pieterburen :oversteek

The crossing you do not want to miss!


Holwerd 01

The meeting point of this mudflat trip is Café Land en Zeezicht on the pier in Holwerd. Off this pier is where the boat also departs to Ameland.

Parking: Park in the Car park for the ferry.

For recommended preparation and clothing to wear visit : Mudflat Walking Information.

Trip Description:

ameland boeken 01 After you have registered and signed in at our desk in the Café Land en Zeezicht te Holwerd, you will receive a drinks voucher. With this you will be able to have a coffee or tea before your trip.

Holwerd 02

After this, we will gather at the agreed time, where we will depart towards the start point of the mudflat crossing. Here your guide will explain the course of the trip to you. We will step of the Holwerder pier onto the silty mudflats and begin walking alongside the short defences in an easterly direction. The first section is a relatively tough walk.

Holwerd 03

Later along in the walk, the walk will begin to head in a northerly direction. This is where we will face our first obstacle: Het Visbuurstergaatje, which we will have to wade through. On the other side of this gully lies a mussel bed, which we will pass. On this mussel bed, you will come across cockles and Japanese Oysters as well as mussels. The guides will explain about these further whilst you are on your trip.

wadlopen Ameland boeken 02

Ameland tocht 04

After this mussel bed, the mudflat walking becomes noticeably easier. From here you can see the nature reserve on Ameland, Het Oerd. It looks as though it is close but the end of the mudflat walk is not yet near to ending. From this point onwards we will walk through gullies and beautiful sand banks, which is an easier walk.

wadlopen ameland 05

We will arrive at the Zuiderspruit, which is a deep gully. Our guides will find a spot that is suitable enough to wade through. After we have got through this gully, which may be a slight obstacle, we will continue our mudflat tour towards Ameland. .

Ameland tocht boeken 03
veerboot Ameland 06

To get to Ameland, we will pass the Mid Holwerderbalg and the Noorder Holwerderbalg. These are the last gullies that we will have to wade through. With this mudflat walk, and similarly with most other mudflat walks, the last section of the trip again becomes slightly harder.

After these two gullies we will wade onto de Zinksloot. This is a natural saltmarsh gully, which is slightly to the east of our final destination, the Kooiplaats Ameland, but here we will return onto the land.

bus Ameland 07

Here, we will have a short break, tired, but satisfied with the mudflat crossing we have just done. Following this short break, we will walk through the salt marshes and the dunes to the Kooiplaats. There, there will be sinks, where we can rinse ourselves off, freshen up and get changed. .

wadlopen Ameland boeken 04 Ameland 08

Meanwhile, a bus will arrive that will take our group towards the central town of Ameland, Nes. There is often enough time to look around the shops and restaurants here. For the people that want it, the bus will take you straight back to the ferry.

Ameland 09

The total cost of this mudflat walk to Ameland is

€ 27,50 per person.

This includes a hot drink such as tea of coffee, the bus fares on Ameland and the ferry trip back to the mainland.

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